About the Journal

Global Spheres Journal (GSJ) is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal, based in the Global Studies Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. This interdisciplinary publication explores and analyzes globalization and global-scale issues from a variety of perspectives and disciplines.

GSJ encourages innovative approaches that bridge social sciences and humanities, and seeks to open up new conversations that speak to contemporary global issues. The journal addresses a diversity of social, cultural, political, economic, environmental, and legal issues with a holistic perspective that aspires to further our understanding of the contemporary societies. Global Spheres Journal has published a wide range of articles on a variety of topics.

Your benefits of publishing with us:

  • Encouraging interdisciplinary approaches and diverse perspectives to understanding complex global phenomena as inherently embedded in our societies.
  • Rigorous peer-review process.
  • Green open-access allowing your article to be deposited at the University of California repository and be freely available to anyone with internet access.
  • Far-reaching, interdisciplinary and state-of-the-art research.
  • High visibility of your research through wide indexing.
  • Internationally diverse editorial board.

Established: 2018 (2001 as Law and Society Journal, 2013 as Global Societies Journal).

ISSN: (online) 2373-7611.

Publication frequency: Annually with submissions on a rolling basis.


Disclaimer: University of California and the GSJ editors make every effort to guarantee the accuracy of all the information contained in this publication. However, neither University of California nor editors make any warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, or suitability for any purpose of the information published. The views published are those of the authors only.