Open Access

Global Spheres Journal strives to promote unrestricted access and unrestricted reuse of quality scholarship, also known as Open Access. GSJ, unlike many existing journals, does not own the rights to the published articles as all rights remain with the author. This means that anyone who wants to read the articles published in GSJ does not have to pay to access them.

Global Spheres Journal employs Green Open Access by providing free online access to scientific and scholarly research literature in a form of peer-reviewed articles. This is possible by archiving and depositing articles in a repository of the University of California System, known as eScholarship.

Benefits of Open Access:

  • Wide reach. Making quality content freely available online to read by anyone with internet access.
  • Increased discoverability. Your work can be read and cited by anyone, anywhere.
  • Interdisciplinarity. Reaching beyond academia and fostering interdisciplinary connections. GSJ, through its open access policy, allows your work to be easily accessed by individuals outside your scholarly community and even outside your research field.
  • Article-Ownership. You, as the author, retain all copyrights to your work.
  • Publishing of the 21st century. You can highlight your work by sharing, showcasing and posting your published article on a variety of platforms online.
  • Peer-Review