Why Publish?

One of the biggest dilemmas a researcher faces is the "why publish" and "when publish" questions. Global Spheres Journal encourages researchers to publish in the early stages of their academic careers.

Have you got something new to say? Are you able to offer a novel solution or a point of view to a current problem or difficult issue? Can you provide a new development on an important topic of global significance?

Global Spheres Journal offers a platform on which ideas can be exchanged, disseminated and shared globally with our truly international audience. To us, publishing is a necessary step in the research process. Given that, a researcher who chooses to publish his or her work starts an extensive career- and reputation-building process.

We believe that all interesting, original and innovative research, especially on topics and issues that have not been researched before or have not been researched in a new way (due to novel methods, methodologies, and contexts), deserves to be published.

That is why Global Spheres Journal strives to showcase valuable and impressive work which could have initially been produced as a thesis, dissertation or conference paper.

Before You Submit

We believe that good writing begins with proper planning. Some of the questions worth asking could be: What is my purpose for publishing? Who am I writing for? What article type would suit my research most? Keeping these basic questions at the front of your mind may guide you as you go through the process. Here are some points to consider before you submit your article for publication. For more information, please refer to Submission Gudelines.

  • Your article has a clear structure to the argument, references to other literature, overview of methods and findings (if applicable to the article type), is comprehensively referenced and meets the word count.
  • You know your audience and have read and familiarized yourself with the journal information and aims and scope of our journal.
  • You have read instructions for authors.
  • You have browsed previously published articles and have formatted your article to the journal style.
  • You have written a great abstract, checked spelling and grammar, considered English "polishing".
  • You are aware of concepts such as plagiarism and self-plagiarism and the policy of Global Spheres Journal.
  • You have not submitted your paper to another journal.
  • You have included or acknowledged all co-authors.
  • You mentioned all sources of funding for your paper.
  • You have permission to use previously published materials, such as figures, tables or data sets.
  • You have written a cover letter.