Peer Review

Every manuscript submitted to Global Spheres Journal undergoes a rigorous peer-review process. Once your article is provisionally accepted for review, it goes through a multilevel-level in-house editorial review, which, upon a successful completion, is followed by a review by experts in the field for peer review.

GSJ employs a double-blind review, which means that the identities of both the author and the reviewer are concealed from the reviewers and vice versa. This ensure fair peer review process and eliminates bias.

Our editorial team works to progress manuscripts through peer review as quickly as possible but are reliant on the good will of reviewers. That is why our editorial office is always happy to provide you with updates on the current review status of your manuscript.

Once the review is completed, the editorial office sends feedback to an author with a deadline by which necessary changes need to be made. If no further review is required, or once you return a revised manuscript, our team can proceed to typesetting which involves sending you a copy of your article for approval.

Reasons for Immediate Rejection:

  • Your article does not fit within the aims and scope of our journal.
  • Your article exhibits poor style, formatting, grammar, punctuation or English.
  • Your research is not novel and/or your article does not contribute to the existing literature.
  • Your objectives are unclear, your article is difficult to follow.
  • Your article is libelous, unethical, rude, subjective.
  • Your article is biased, reads like a marketing pitch.