Aims and Scope


Global Spheres Journal is a student-run, open access, academic journal. This peer-reviewed publication promotes a critical analysis of the political, social, and cultural forces that continue to shape our contemporary world.

Our publication opens up new conversations by providing emerging scholars a platform to discuss 21st century global processes, such as globalization and global-scale issues.

We publish work by students and for students across the fields of social sciences and humanities. Global Spheres Journal welcomes various article types on topics that pertain to the economic, political, social, cultural and other ramifications of the global-scale issues and processes. 


The journal publishes novel scholarship within the realm of International Relations, International Studies, Global Studies, and interdisciplinary studies. The primary emphasis of Global Spheres Journal is to encourage both theoretical and empirical analyses of the following areas:

  • global political economy, development, environment,
  • global culture, ideology, religion,
  • global governance, human rights,  and civil society.