Figures and Tables

4.1 General Guidelines

All authors are required to abide by the maximum number of tables and figures for a chosen article type. Graphs and figures must include a self-explanatory labels. The author is required to obtain a permission for using copyrighted data from other source. The authors are solely responsible for acquiring the licenses and to abide by citation instructions imposed by third-party rights holders. Nothing about the image can be modified, enhanced, obscured, moved, removed or added. The authors will be asked to provide original images if any concerns are raised.

4.2 Tables

The authors should insert tables at the end of the manuscript. Please use your table function in Word if you use a word processor. Please avoid large tables which cover several pages.

4.3 Figure and Table Legends

Each figure and table legend is required to have the same font as the main body text. They should be appropriately labelled, such as "Figure 1", and be placed immediately by the figure or table.

4.4 Image Size and Format

Figure images should not be longer than one A4 page and with a width that corresponds to 1 or 2 columns. All files should be submitted as TIFF, JPEG or PNG.

4.5 Color Image Mode and Resolution

Global Spheres Journal requires all images to be submitted in the color mode RGB. We recommend uploading a 300-dpi resolution to avoid blurry and star-stepped images. 

4.6 Legibility

GSJ requires all figures to be legible. In order to satisfy this requirement, all authors must make sure that text is legible and of high quality, images are not pixelated or star-stepped, and the smallest text is no less than 8 pt.