General Author Guidelines

1.1 Original Content Policy

Global Spheres Journal publishes original content only. Given that, all submissions cannot contain previously published content. Original work by other researchers, if used, must appear in quotation marks or with appropriate citations. This applies to an author’s own work which has previously been published. Inclusion of content that has previously appeared online and/or in non-academic media has to be declared in a cover letter for the approval of the editorial office.

1.2 Article Types

Global Spheres Journal requires authors to select an article type while submitting their manuscript. Please comply with the article type definitions specified in the Article Type section under Submission Guidelines. All authors should pay close attention to appropriate word count limits, figure and table limits as well as descriptions of each of the article types.

1.3 Manuscript Length

Global Spheres Journal strongly encourages all authors to follow the word count limits of each of the article type. The length of a manuscript includes the main body of the text and all in-text citations. It excludes, however, the abstract, bibliography, section titles, funding statements as well as figure and table captions. The number of words must be stated on the first page of the manuscript.

1.4 Language Style

Global Spheres Journal recognizes American English as the default language style. All submitted manuscripts must meet high standards for English proficiency in order to be considered for publication. Although minor language editing is a part of the review process, an author whose manuscript requires extensive language editing or proofing for clarity can be advised to seek external language-editing service.